Forever is One moment at a time

So many want deep connection. Yet we just walk away from that when given the chance.

We talk about shallow things, the weather, food, politics, government, and never truly share our stuff, what makes us who we are.

It’s understandable you may not want to connect with everyone you meet, you get to pick and choose.

I understand that it is important to feel comfortable and we have to build an element of trust before we reveal those layers of our self.  What if the trust we seek is inside us? What if the things we say and share are only distractions from the things that are really important about us?

It’s not about filling space with empty words it’s about being human, and sharing what makes you, you!

Are you interested in people’s stories?

Do you sometimes wonder about the struggles and triumphs of their lives?

Do you ask the questions: what are you passionate about, what motivates your life?

Are you interested in sharing about who you are at your core or do you only share about the layers that hide your essence? Hiding behind a jumble of spiritual mambo jumbo…

Basically what I’m asking here and trying to get to, is do you look to connect with people or is it only that you wish to make just another connection?

If you spend time with someone, and yet unable to share, and ask about this person… you really have not connected to anything although it may seem to you that you have. Time spent together does not imply or guarantee a connection.

Please, don’t pretend that you love everyone and everything and throw out philosophies about how it’s all about love when the only thing that will get you to Love is actually being with, and seeing the person in front of you.  Otherwise, it’s just another way of spiritual bypassing.

Pretense kills connection. Empty philosophies will never save you.

So many of us complain of isolation and loneliness and then when given the chance for deep connection… we just walk away and distract our self with superficial words flung here, and there, saving our self from having to connect because connecting so deeply to people scares the shit out of us and we’d rather pretend that we love instead of begin to actually SHOW how we love.

We’d rather pretend we are “all that” instead of be who we really are.

What a mystery…

As soon as we show up to connect we come up with a bunch of lies about who we are, and what we want, and where we are at and get so lost that we forget why we are sharing in the first place. We bottle up all our true and real emotions only to have a meltdown a few days later…

I ask you about you and you answer about me? That’s beating around the bush…

How about sharing how you are scared, intimidated, wondering if you belong, if you are good enough, if you’re being judged…

Deep connections, that to me is the definition of friendship. Any other supposed acquaintance is just that, an acquaintance.

Why not ask these questions instead of how are you today?

How do you feel today?

How may I support you?

What are you passionate about?

What are your struggles?

What do you consider your triumphs?

What do you want for yourself in the future?

Past, present, and future they are interwoven within the fabric of our life. One cannot be separate from the other they are all the same thing just given different names..

Past… present…future

Do you see that there is no difference?




Nothing separates them

Except the choice of, and the order of the letters




Can you touch any of them?




Can you smell them?




Do your eyes see them?




Can you hear them?


If you can’t




Or hear the past, the present and the future, then where are they really?






They live in the AUTHENTICITY of each moment.


Forever is one moment at a time.


Let’s not participate in the lies of yesterday, today or tomorrow.