Sex is not Sacred

Here is my slightly longer rant about sexuality.  I have been reflecting on this topic for quite some time, and I feel like I am not done with this reflection but thought I would share some of the insights I have had so far.  And who knows, maybe in a future post, I will completely disagree with myself!

I am writing this because I have noticed so much misinformation about what sacred sexuality means.

Food, and sex are of the physical realm.

Sexuality becomes a commodity if we use it in a hedonistic manner.  I don’t really care what the justification is.  You can justify such actions by saying that highly evolved beings will have sex and not become attached and that sex for sex sake is an indication of higher conscious levels.  I say, that is a bunch of bull. True we have freedom of choice, there is nothing better or worse than anything else, but please do not elevate sex to the status of sacred when you have treated it as a commodity.  Mindfulness is a key ingredient whether we are eating, having sex or anything else.

Sex, like food is a biological, physical need, an appetite so to speak.  That requires to be satisfied.  Elevating this to a level of higher vibration means elevating it through DISCERNMENT, using the faculty of consciousness. That is why we were given this faculty and that is why we are humans, not animals.  Treating sexuality like a commodity, with lack of mindfulness, and discernment does not classify it as ‘sacred’.

Why are you performing what you are, and what it is you want out of it? What are you looking for? What is your goal? Satisfying an urge? Sex for sex sake? Feeling good?

If we wish to elevate sexuality beyond the physical realm we have to view it from an energetic level.  And when we do so, it gets even more complicated as recent research has revealed that we take on our partners qualities, energies,  and even some of their DNA into our own system when we have sex.  Can you imagine what you are bringing into your life when you are with multiple partners at a time?

The universal law of polarity, found in the Kybalion states that everything follows the law of poles, light and dark, day and night, feminine and masculine.

“Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.” — The Kybalion.

So duality as an equation is:

feminine +masculine = one

light + dark= one

day + night = one

love + hate = one


but in this day and age when applied to sexuality we have :

feminine + feminine + feminine  + masculine


masculine + feminine + feminine


masculine + feminine + masculine + feminine

and the list goes on…

To create balance of poles there must be two poles not 4 or 10, just two poles.

We require a physical body to experience sex, and it is up to us as individuals to elevate it to its ‘sacred’ status.

Sacred sex is when we experience this at an energetic level, when we are present, clear, and pure energies are a requirement.  When we transcend the physical and access the etheric realms of subtle bodies and feel the energetic resonance.  That is sacred sex.  I have surely experienced this on a soul level and know that it is possible.  There are certain criteria that need to be met. I will surely blog about those criteria at a later date as I am still reflecting on them at the moment.  I will say though that honesty with oneself, and the other are of utmost importance and also the ability to be present.

You can be attracted to many, it doesn’t mean you have to have sex.  Yeah it maybe pleasurable, but is it the pleasure we are after? And if so, we know it will only be a temporary fulfillment. That is where discernment comes in. If that is what we want, then well and good, no judgements here, just a continuous unwavering real commitment to our personal truth.

Everything is sacred, yes, but we can’t kill someone and call that sacred just like we can’t have multiple sexual partners and call it sacred.

It is nice to have freedom, consent is sexy, we were given free will to use it wisely. If we wish to evolve as a species, returning back to our hunter gatherer ways of life will only take us back not move us forward.  Our hunter gatherer ancestors behaved in such a way.  They followed their instincts, and had sex because they needed to fulfill that urge with no need for their conscious faculties whatsoever, and total ignorance of consequences.

Another troubling concept I have been hearing is ‘having sex like a man’, yes giving back the power to the feminine to decide to consent or not is great, however the trouble with this is why not reverse it and say ‘having sex like a woman’? After all it is the feminine we are trying to heal, aren’t we? So we give her a more masculine approach? I don’t understand this.  Why not offer a feminine approach of sexuality to the masculine instead?

What is wrong with being more discerning? What is wrong with not wanting to take on another’s DNA? What is wrong with not wanting to acquire another’s energies, and character just for the sake of a pleasurable few moments???

I am really not trying to condemn or judge but offering some of the questions I have, and trying to bring more awareness to this subject from a personal perspective.

If we accept the notion that everything is sacred, there really is no such thing as sacred sexuality.  What there is, is conscious sexuality, and unconscious sexuality.  What does conscious sexuality look like? That which is discerning.  That which asks the questions, and accepts the consequences.  Conscious sexuality is based on truth, complete, and utter honesty with one self and the other.