The Shadows of Creativity & Sex


Allow me to re-phrase the quote above:

In order to transcend, sexuality must first make use of the dark forces of the soul…

Yes, I am back again ranting about sexuality…

Mostly because I am writing a book on the subject.  Why? I know I am not an expert in the field, I am a human being experiencing this life in all of its many facets including the sexual, and sensual.  Through this experience it has become extremely clear to me that our sexuality is intertwined with our ability to create.  Really, we cannot create much if we are stuck in our sexuality.  The reason we get stuck is because we are taught that sexuality is a demon.  The reality is sex is not the enemy. The real demon is inside our brain.

The most powerful words I had come across during my research on creativity were those of Carl  Gustav Jung about suppressing images in our psyche which will inevitably lead to neurosis and other psychological issues.  I think this applies to being creative but also to sexuality.

Through this same research I defined consciousness as: that which has come to consciousness from the unconscious in this moment. I shall not go into the details of how I came to this conclusion as it would take too much space, but I will say that for this to happen presence is a requirement.  Presence is important to both creative process and sexual process. This is where their sacredness lives.  They are one and the same energy that lives in our womb center.  We just need to understand how to use it wisely.

This is the reason I believe so much in clearing, and reconnecting with our wombs…

It is quite daring for someone from my background to be attempting a project on a subject that is not only ignored but treated like it does not even exist. This makes it all the more appealing to me!

I have noticed most cultures do this to some extent, in a variety of ways and methods.  It is overwhelming the amount of shame, guilt and suppression we carry around this topic.  It is insanity the hurt, and trauma we are caused because of lack of experience, misinformation, and the demonizing of sexuality.

As I was waking up this morning and while still between wakefulness and sleep…I found myself reflecting on my last blog on sex posted in March of 2017 which I titled Sex is not Sacred.  I have been planning to get back to that and have not had the chance. Until later in my day today (out of all days) I found myself facilitating a Metaphysical Anatomy Technique healing around sexuality.  Wonder of wonders. A call to step up and say what I have to say.

I wrote a few months ago that sex is not sacred, in which I contradicted myself because a couple of years ago I had written an entire article Sex, Gender, and Genes. Is It Only About the ‘entanglement’ of Cells? where I was advocating the sacred nature of sexuality.

Why did I have a sudden shift?  I suppose in that moment of writing my last blog on the subject, I was feeling an overwhelming sense of anger at betraying my own boundaries. I accepted the unacceptable. By betraying our boundaries is when sexuality loses its sacredness. I really do not wish to go into that story.  What I want to do is clarify that I do hold sexuality as sacred and have always done so as far back as I can ever remember.  As I have matured, I have come to realize that the reason sex loses this sacredness is when there are lies, lack of clarity, lack of communication, and ill-defined expectations.  When it becomes a commodity. When the essence of the person is not involved.

Allow me yet another paradox…Sex can be sacred if you are with a person for one night.  Sex can lose its sacredness in a partnership that spans many years.  When lies are told, and people are manipulated, when boundaries are crossed.  The sacredness of sex is not measured by how long you are with someone, but how open, present, trusting, caring, and giving you are in each moment. Yes, and how honest you are willing to be with yourself, and the other.

My book on sexuality is coming along really slowly, but I think I am finally onto something.

I want to make this book an accessible educational tool, especially to the younger generations.  I feel like there needs to be an overhaul in our psyche on how we perceive and engage in sexuality.  I am sure I am not alone in this thought process.  This is why I would like to invite co-writers to submit essays on this topic.

Who would like to join me in becoming a Sacred Sexuality Activist?

I now realize this is not a task I can handle solo, nor would I want to.  This is way beyond me.  Way larger then myself.  I am willing to be a facilitator, a curator if you will, and so I have decided to welcome essay submissions. If you have done research in this field, have a personal experience that led to an insight about the sacredness of sex then please contact me.

To submit an essay, research, or any work relating to Sacred Sexuality do write to me through the contact tab on my web page and include an abstract of your essay and I will let you know the next steps.


And, if you are wondering if this will be published the answer is yes! I already have a publisher and he will help me publish through the following sites: Kindle, ebook, Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and noble nook, and CreateSpace.  This will also show up on Amazon.


Let’s do this!

The Underworld

We read about the underworld in most ancient mythologies.  In most such mythologies, it is the place where souls go after death.  This place recently appeared in my dreamtime. Well, I didn’t actually see the underworld, I did see the gateway that leads to that space.

What I do recall from this dream is that the underworld is seeking a surrogate mother to have its offspring.  As I sat with the meaning of what this could possibly mean I realized it is more of a bigger picture dream.

Maybe the underworld is not the place where dead souls go, maybe the underworld is the earth’s womb? Maybe she is just regenerating.  Purging. Starting all over again.  Just like many of us.

We can see it everywhere.  Several prophecies have told of these days to come and seeing this post by Banksy on twitter last night brought everything home.   I am not sure what is required of us? Perhaps nothing?  I do not say this without empathy.  How do you stop a hurricane, really? There is something there that is requiring us to surrender.  Surrender we must. Surrender and trust.

As we surrender, let’s stay grounded, remember our roots, and reach them deep into the core of this earth in any way we can. She supports us, why not support her?