Our Ancestral Roots

Very recently, I found Hyperianism.  If you have no idea what Hyperianism is, it is a philosophy of life, a way of being.  It is a set of beliefs which seeks to establish a new- world order based on reason and mathematics.  Hyperians want to do away with faith, and religion (and can you blame them?), and replace humanity with strong, free thinking, and creative individuals. This is such a powerful message that I am sure resonates with many, not just myself.

About two months ago, Morgue’s profile showed up on my  Instagram.  As I listened to what he had to say, I could hear many truths there, and I have to admit I was very intrigued with his sword swallowing superhuman ability so I followed him.  I also was fascinated with his androgynous look.  I think humanity will be moving more towards that in the future.  Anyhow, serendipitously, I was on line when his Book Zero went on sale, which I later learned happens very rarely, so I ordered it.

As I followed I could see all the negativity Hyperians were receiving.  Humanity likes to see things in boxes, anything that does not look like or sound like what we are used to automatically becomes evil.

Shortly after reading the book, I found myself saying yes why not “I am Hyperian” yet there was this nagging feeling deep within: I recognize this as truth, the universe is mathematical no question about that, and I have always been a logical person.  Reason above all sounds like it would solve the world’s problems, yet something felt a bit unsettling (Dear Hyperians, this is just my method of reasoning.  I am engaging in dialogue not attacking or condemning). What about intuition? And what about roots?

The truth is, I believe, like the Hyperians, that the universe is mind (or consciousness), I believe that  reason and logic are important, I also believe human will is necessary, I believe religions have become about manipulation, and I believe that many systems if not all in our societies need to be over hauled.   So yes, I am with you on this Hyperians!    What I cannot get myself to accept is throwing the root of religion out the door because religion itself, the uncorrupted version of it at least the core messages and ancient truths (for those of us who study them) were meant to help humanity.  The way I see it is that religion is the root of spirituality. Religion used to be the prescription towards self-growth. Think of it as a tool that sparked the seeker to pursue further growth and prescribed certain practices that need to be followed to reach the goal.   Nowadays religion is a form of corrupt spirituality, yes, I agree.  Although all the spiritual paths seem different on the surface, they really are one and the same.  I have written this else-where and I shall repeat myself as many times as I need to: we all come from the same root and we all return to it.  Nothing will ever change this. This is guaranteed. It is the only thing we are ever certain of in a world full of uncertainty.

That aside, Hyperians and their message are being attacked and misunderstood by so many people.  The reason is no one is listening! EVERYONE is judging and projecting their tainted views on everyone else.  Just like transgender individuals have to face ridicule and assault for being who they are, and so on with all minorities and ethnicities and sexual orientations…  Each one of us is also enduring the same in our own way and usually for being exactly who we are.  Can you blame humanity for wanting to be so inauthentic?

There is a deeper aspect to this that I would like to address so please be patient with me.  I am going to do something here that some may not appreciate, I want to tie this to an incident that recently took place on FaceBook.  Shiva Rea, a long time yoga practitioner and teacher, a true and dedicated student of the path of yoga recently gave her honest and true opinion on a modern version of a form of ancient dance and yoga called Buti Yoga. Her words were taken as offense, blown out of context and became a starting ground for a war.  You can read the response she got by clicking here and this will give you an idea of what I mean by war.  I felt her words were meant as inquiry, a place to pause and question certain things instead of blindly going through the motions. Shiva was using the power of reason.  Shiva spoke of honoring the roots of yoga. Why is this such a negative thing to do? What is the problem everyone has with roots?

This is a great example demonstrating how it is really difficult to truly LISTEN.  The world is colored by our individual beliefs and we end up projecting them on what we hear.   On the other hand, the communicator has the responsibility of communicating precisely, and from the heart, their true and honest self. My dear humans, it really boils down to the basics, we have to listen as well as we speak.  We also have to speak as well as we listen.

Our ancestors didn’t have it all right, and some really messed it up for us, especially those who tainted our spiritual path with all their patriarchal dogma.  Despite this, we have to remember the work they did on our behalf. Without them we would not be here.  The least we can do is honor their pain and suffering and their wisdom that brought us to where we are. We can also go one step further and heal our dysfunctional inherited conditioning with all the tools available to us.  There is grace in embracing our roots.

Imagine a human being without a root chakra?

If the root chakra is out of balance, one cannot progress to balance the remaining chakras. What happens then?…now what if we completely  eradicate this root chakra????

I leave you with an old Arabic saying: man nakara aslahu, la asla lahu,

he who forgets his origins upholds no principles (standards).

There never was a tree without roots, and there never will be.