Dancing with the God/dess in the Earth


Sometimes, something magical happens when I dance.  A wave of energy begins to flow through me as I surrender to it.  I have no control over my body.  My movements are not my own. Spirit moves me. My feet are connected to the earth, my body moving to a mysterious rhythm.  It reminds me of when I paint and energy flows through my arm into the brush making spontaneous marks on the canvas. The difference is, in this case, my entire body is moving as if the ground is the canvas.This energy that is so easy to lose our self to.  Is it from above or is it from below, from heaven or is it from hell, from the sky or is it from the earth?


A question that has intrigued philosophers, scientists, religious and spiritual leaders for centuries: where is God/dess? This question  has been on my mind since I was a very young girl.   Growing up I was told that there is heaven, and hell. That I better be good and do good so as not to go to hell.  I would imagine myself in my grave being tortured, and burnt over, and over for eternity,  and that would make me want to pray and do good.  It was out of fear of eternal damnation.

These days I just ask questions that have not been asked before.  What if consciousness, god/dess  emerged from the core of the earth? What if we return to the core of the earth when we die? Perhaps this consciousness we feel comes from within the earth as opposed to some etheric god form in the heavens?

I have spent so much time in airplanes lately, just watching the earth and its many varied landscapes. She is very much a living organism. Above the clouds, a very interesting thought came to me: Our physical body is made of earth no questions there.  When we die, our body becomes earth, and our spirit or that which animates our body ? Where does it go? Major religions of the world have a theory that it either goes to heaven or to hell…well, I want to ask: What if spirit/consciousness/soul…goes back to the core of the earth? What if the creator , our creator, consciousness, is inside the earth?


When I dance, and connect my feet to the ground, it allows me to feel that my being, the reason I am alive and able to move, is because I am animated by her, the goddess in the earth.

I have spent most of the month of July camping. I feel like I commune with the earth when I lay so close to her.  She speaks to me through visions.  The last thing she gave me was: I am you- and yes a tiara too 🙂

I live each day making sure my connection to earth is alive. I like to visualize myself connected to her core through a cord that gets stronger with each passing day.