Darkness She Speaks

Zombie Skull by Flyland Designs

God/dess is light is something I learned as a child. Later on in life, I was able to scientifically comprehend this:  that the world is made of energy and this energy is light. It became a concrete teaching as now I had tangible scientific proof. In turn this helped me understand what is meant by the word ‘consciousness’.

Recently, I made an extra leap  of consciousness ( ha ha see what I did there?). I was able to understand deeply how God/dess is not only light; that God/dess is both light and dark just as God/dess is both masculine and feminine.

It is because of my darkest days, and there have been more than I care to share here. The darkness is unavoidable. The universe cannot exist without it. Light and dark are both holy.

In the manifest world of physical objects , of which humans happen to be a part of, the light has to cast a shadow. As an artist I look intently for such areas as I draw or paint. Sometimes for months. As an artist I also look for them in humanity. It’s become second nature to me. I used to be afraid of the darkness as I was taught to treat it like a stranger. It has finally become a friend.

These days when darkness shows up, I invite her in like a hospitable Lebanese, make some Turkish coffee and offer her more sweets than she can possibly eat. I then proceed to have a conversation about the reasons for such an untimely visit, how inconvenient this is, how it’s destroying my life, my future, my being. As we converse Darkness says
 I know I was not invited however it was a matter of great urgency because it is time for you to grow your soul. The pain will boil, fry and grill you until there is nothing left to feel. That is when you begin again.”