Heal Your Inner World

A beautiful place to retreat, away from the business of your hectic life. A space to unplug and dive into your being. A place for healing the seeds of the past and planting new high vibrational seeds. Bīja combines the tranquility of a yoga studio, the aesthetics of an art studio, and the silence of a meditation retreat. It is a place to create.

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How it all began

The short story goes like this: this space literally “fell in my lap” when I met Lucia Comnes at Science and Non-Duality in Orvieto, Italy, in August of 2017!!  Lucia mentioned the space to me and that I might be interested in checking it out and that perhaps I can make it into a retreat space.  I visited Lucia the following year, March of 2018 so that I can make an informed decision in person and not off some photographs. It was in need of more renovations than I expected and yet something inside me said: yes, I will take it! and the rest is history…

The Dream

Bīja is a dream I have had for over a decade.  I imagined an intimate space where people can come together to work on whatever it is that may be difficult to handle on their own.  I envisioned a getaway where creativity, movement, clean food, simplicity, and a lot of time in nature are easily accessible. .  This dream is finally unfolding!


We all plant seeds in our psyche, many times without knowing,  and they actually become trees of all kinds. In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we learn that we plant seeds or bījas when we desire things and these desires are what unfolds as our Karma.  There are three kinds of Karma.  That which we have worked out in the past, that which is being worked out in the present, and that which will be worked out in the future. It is this future karma, that we need to place all our efforts on so that it bears fruits that support our highest vision for our life. Carl Jung has termed the seeds we do not see as ‘shadow.’

Bīja Healing Sanctuary is a space to be held. Each one of us has the ability to heal.  We just need to dedicate the time to do so and find someone to hold space for us.

At Bīja you will have access to nature, and nurture as well as programs by specialized teachers offering movement, sound, yoga, art, and writing retreats all geared to assist your healing journey and expressing your full potential in the world.


  • Rustic lodging in a medieval village ( guests will stay in a hotel or B&B close by the sanctuary)
  • Organic and locally sourced meals (optional)
  • Daily yoga class (optional)
  • Daily meditation (optional)
  • Tools to go inward
  • Excursions to ancient sites and a reconnection with our ancestors
  • Access to beaches and the healing properties of salt water
  • Clean and Zen environment
  • An escape from the demands of modern life



I would love to share this beautiful space. It would also be wonderful to co-create experiences that people will never forget. If you feel called to create an event with me be sure to reach out and let me know.

The space is available for rent for your self or your group.

Here are the rental options available 

  1. Use of entire space in addition to a daily yoga and meditation class : 250 euros/ day
  2. Private rental of entire space 200 euros/ day

 * message me directly for additional information.



all events on hold until further notice
  • Who can attend?

Anyone needing time alone and is willing to work on their shadow.  Must be in good health and able to use staircase.

  • How many people can fit in the space?

There are two spaces that can be used concurrently. One space is good for seated activities such as meditation and can fit about 20 people seated.  The main space fits 25-30 seated however if there is movement 15-20.

  • What kind of flooring is it?

Italian terra cotta tile.  A portable floor is available for use with movement events.

  • Is it handicapped accessible?

The space is not accessible to persons needing a wheelchair.  There are several flights of stairs to reach the lodging and retreat space and it is recommended that participants travel as light as possible.  Waivers are required from participants stating they are in good health. All participants must carry their own travel insurance.

  • Can you accommodate food allergies?

Yes, as much as possible.

  • Is it possible to opt out of meals?

Yes, there are several restaurants in town serving traditional Italian fare.

  • What is the location and address?

It is a 40 min drive south of Rome. Address and directions as well as options on getting there will be provided for persons who are confirmed attending.