Yoga teacher training begins October 10, 2020, and meets every weekend Saturday and Sunday for 15 modules. Traning ends November 29, 2020.

The current investment for all 15 modules is $1500.

This is a heavily discounted training because of the pandemic and will be the only training available at this rate.  Future training will start at $3000 for the 15 modules.

Send $100 to register and hold your spot.  You can pay for all 15 modules and receive an additional discount of $100 so your total will be $1400 or pay per module weekly, as you go. If you miss modules you can always make them up during the next certification round in the spring of 2021.

You will need to do a 30 min zoom interview before registration. Please schedule one with me through the sidebar ( this is only for those registering for the entire training).

For questions please mention in the subject: your name and yoga teacher training.

Individual modules are still available for $100/per module
The Syllabus is as follows:
The focus is on panchamahabhutas or the five archetypal elements: air, water, fire, earth, and ether from a Tantrik perspective and approach. The creative process weaved through the syllabus so we will be making art, dancing, and painting.
You’re welcome to attend individual modules that may speak to you for $100/ per module.
Each module is day long 8 am- 4pm.
To sign up or have questions:
Panchamahabutas Informed Yoga
October 10- Module 1 : Introduction
October 11- Module 2 :Using the five elements in asana practice
October 17- Module 3: Tantra Philosophy
October 18- Module 4: Techniques for teaching
October 24-Module 5: Kundalini energy
October 25- Module 6: Meditation and visualization
October 31- Module 7: Panchamahabhutas
November 1- Module 8: Embodying the five elements in asana practice
November 7- Module 9: The five elements in meditation and breathwork
November 8- Module 10: In-depth Kundalini study
November 14- Module 11: Practicum
November 15- Module 12: Teaching methodology
November 21 – Module 13: Pendulation and Titration
November 22- Module 14: Anatomy and Physiology
November 28- Module 15: Spanda experience