Do you know who I am?

I come from you
From the darkest purples of the Murex shells
From the potsherds washed up on the shores of sandy beaches
From the ships that sailed for miles and miles
From the waves of the deepest blue waters that crashed upon the piers

My story is ancient

Woven through history

It is timeless
My father is the nectar of orange blossoms
My mother the womb of the earth
My blood once flowed through the trees of Cedar
My bones fashioned into castles and forts
My flesh and skin tell of grace
 and the sorrows of the ages

They tell a million truths

Look into my eyes

Do you see that glint of light?

When my flesh and bones are no more

The light shall remain

As you turn your gaze

You will find me

I dwell in the eight directions

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