PRESENTING my specialty treat: Hippie Cacao!!!

I found this Allegria recipe about five years ago on the package of ‘Bob’s Redmill’ Amaranth. I had been trying to add grains other than wheat to my diet.   Soon I was making batches of it and taking it to festivals around the nation, sharing it with whoever needed some nourishment and a quick boost of energy.

Allegria is a traditional Mexican sweet, which means ‘happiness’. It is usually made to celebrate dia de los Muertos.

The original recipe on the package called for: sugar, amaranth, pumpkin seeds, and blackstrap molasses.  Simple ingredients just like I like it. Except I wanted to do away with the sugar and I got a bit creative with it and now I have my own recipe to share with all the chocolate lovers in the world.

I have adapted the recipe and taken out the sugar. I make each batch by hand and use only the best, freshest, organic ingredients I can find. It is an art all to itself!

So, it’s not just hippie, happy food it’s also really good for you!

My ingredient list: amaranth, pumpkin seeds, blackstrap molasses, a dose of raw melted or powdered cacao, maca powder, dried fruit such as cranberries or cherries.

Contact me to order your special handmade batch. I ship all over!

If you are local ~ I hand deliver!

1 bar – $15

2 bars – $30

3 bars – $45

4 bars – $55 (get $5 off )

size of each bar is 4.5″x 8″