Some have recently asked about my story. While I prefer not to share on a social media post

I’ve decided to share a vital part here:

Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my neck between c5 and c7. They told me I was too young for such a diagnosis. They also told me I need to take 800 mg of Motrin and I need surgery.

I refused to take a single Motrin.
In fact I still don’t take that junk. I recently had a tooth implant and was prescribed antibiotics and Motrin and although I went and picked up the prescriptions- I did not take a single one!

Why would I? After healing my neck through natural methods. I did this mostly through looking at my suppressed emotions- which is really a simple way to define ‘shadow’.

Things that were key to my healing that I am ready to offer anyone open to receiving them 🔑

In addition to trauma release or MAT I offer a combination of any of :

– Vipassana meditation
– Yoga

– Painting process (ArtKeyTypes)
– Shamanic Breathwork
– Energy medicine
– Natural foods and supplements

It’s a major energetic shift!

If you’re suffering in anyway whether physically or emotionally get in touch with me. I know I can help you.

I am living proof of that.

Allow me to customize a plan of action that works specifically for you. You will have to commit to do the work.

Write to me through the contact form or at 🙏❤️

Coaching packages begin at : $1500 (5 weeks long)