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Ayurvedic Yoga

The timeless practice of yoga. Weaving several traditions in one class. Offering an eclectic slow flow leaving you stress free and feeling strong every single time. Privates are geared to balance a specific dosha. Private: $150;  Group:$250


Meditative Painting Practice

This approach begins with a short meditation and is designed to be minimalist and abstract. This practice comes from Japanese painters. Focus on minimal brushstrokes that cannot be changed once placed on the canvas. $25/person Max cap: 30

Oracle Readings

Intuitive and personal readings. Receive guidance about a personal question or dilemma that you need clarity and direction about. 15 min  for $30 or 30 min for $60.



Therapeutic flowing painting which includes movement designed to address suppressed emotions and hidden traumas. Individual private: $250. Sliding scale is available.

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Shamanic Breathwork

The Breath Center Method. 30- 40  min  session that will help you purge and access insights and alternate states of consciousness. $80

Energy Medicine

Healing in America Method. Leaving you refreshed,  and rejuvenated . Light touch or hands off. 30 min / $50

Learning to Paint workshops

A fun hands on to discover tips and tricks of painting where the students get to keep their paintings. All supplies included.  $25/ person. Max cap: 30

Stuff Management

Let’s face it! We all have a lot of stuff that we don’t even have space for. I know because I used to be the same way. And then I freed myself from most of it and now I just keep the things that bring me joy. Yes, minimalism is so freeing.  I can help you sort through all of it too!

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Painting & Mural Commissions


Less complex $50    More complex $100

+ supplies

Fees generally include supplies, and execution.  Mileage, and additional sketching maybe applicable for some requests.



Retreats and Workshops