Yoga: The timeless practice of yoga. Weaving several traditions in one class. Offering an eclectic slow flow leaving you stress free and feeling strong every single time. Private: $150 Group class: $15/per person (minimum class size: 5)

Learning to Paint workshops: fun hands on to discover tips and tricks of painting where the students get to keep their paintings. All supplies included.  $25/ person Max cap: 30


Meditative Painting Practice: this approach begins with a short meditation and is designed to be minimalist and abstract. Focus on minimal brushstrokes that cannot be changed once placed on the canvas. $25/person Max cap: 30

Oracle Readings  These readings are intuitive and personal. They can be done in person or through video conferencing. Receive guidance about a personal question or dilemma that you need clarity and direction about. 15 min  for $30 or 30 min for $60 readings available.


ArtKeyTypes© : therapeutic flowing painting which includes movement designed to address suppressed emotions and hidden traumas. Group: $250 Individual private: $350 Book a 30 min consultation call FREE HERE

Shamanic Breathwork:  30- 40  min  session that will help you purge and access alternate states of consciousness. $80