Artist Statement

Leading with intuition, my paintings capture energy. I am inspired by the organic and esoteric. Sometimes incorporating symbolism, nature and the whimsical.  A fascinating portrayal of what the imagination is capable of.


My creative process is organic and rarely preconceived. I have hadtraditional training in still life and figure drawing, and I find myself drawn more to the surreal, and fantastic. I create abstract art that flows from my psyche, sometimes using perspective, and three dimensions. I am not concerned with perfecting every mark I make because I see the beauty in the imperfections.


I am inspired by nature, mysticism, symbolism, and the sacred. I like to vary my process and medium often. Whatever inspires me at any given moment. I sometimes use gold leaf in following with the illuminated manuscripts of antiquity.


Without imagination there can be no creativity, imagination is the playground of creativity and the playfield of transcendent experience. Without the imagination and the mind, there is no accounting for creative experiences    ~ Suzy Adra