They say you have to set your intention and let it go.

Your nervous system must be relaxed so meditating before setting your intention is a good idea.

How to manifest

Manifestation has been on my mind a lot lately. There are so many videos, memes, articles and gurus telling us how to manifest all we want. The car, the dude, the dress…you get it. You just can’t get away from the plethora of information about how to manifest all that you ever want. Usually it takes a few steps.

  • Relax
  • Call it in.
  • Carry on and live as if you don’t want anything.
  • Wait for it to suddenly and magically appear.

The universe is mental. A thought is the beginning of a manifestation. Change the story you tell yourself. you will change your life.


But is it truly that simple?

It is absolutely ridiculous to think we can manifest anything we want in just four steps, or three or five!

Especially when it is self-serving, self-centered, and lacking any effort on our part.

Yet, manifestation has hundreds of recipes that are usually sold for profit.

All those manifesting techniques out there tell you how to GET STUFF.

Evidence #1

Abraham Hicks says that we must be in the ‘vortex’ to manifest. The vortex is the energy that creates worlds. It is a vibrational state of being that determines the future.  We need to align with positive thought.  But it is also about figuring out one’s relationship to self.  We are vibrational beings and must be aware of our vibration to be able to create what we want.

Let me ask you this- who is vibrating at a high frequency 24/7 ? no one!

Evidence #2

Ekhart Tolle believes that in order to create something that is not egoic that is in service to others we must be able to experience the present moment in it’s fullness.  So that anything else we manifest would add to this sense of fullness of being.

Again I ask- who is present 24/7 ? no one!

Evidence #3

In an interview on YouTube, Teal Swan says that the law of attraction is a binding law of the universe.  It is the law of mirroring.  Anything you think will show up in your life. So we must watch our thoughts.

Who can watch their thoughts 24/7? NO one!

Evidence #4

Bob proctor teaches that the law of attraction is always active. It is like the law of gravity. The subconscious mind has been programmed by specific information of what was around you as a child. As you think you vibrate at a certain frequency and so you attract what is in harmony with this frequency. To change what is around you , you have to change your paradigm. Changing paradigms means stepping out of the box, doing things differently.

Most people just want to do things like everyone else. Especially herd stuff…

Evidence #6

Sadhguru talks about manifestation in great detail. Humans can achieve anything that they want with the power of the mind. Every creation begins with the mind. So we must keep the great vision in our mind. We can create a world we want. Organizing the mind will help you manifest anything you want. The important thing is to harmonize your physical, mental, energetic, and soul body into alignment.

Wait a minute!

I don’t really think it is as simple as all these teachers make it sound. Manifestation is not something you just sit back and watch unfold. To manifest anything you have to put in the work.  Remember high-school physics? Newton’s third law: for every effort there is an equal and opposite reaction. That means this universe works under the law of effort.


What we want or desire doesn’t really need to be ‘worked at’ there is no ‘manifesting technique’. The only thing you need is the DESIRE and the EFFORT. Effort does not always look like we think it must look. Effort does not mean ‘difficult’.  Effort really means energy.  

I have had luck manifesting the little stuff, many times. The larger stuff, usually not so much. And when the larger stuff appeared, it wasn’t instant. There always was energy use involved. Energy to write, energy to paint, energy to go places, and conduct the necessary steps.

Also, you can desire a pizza and then wait for it to appear on your door step or you can get off the couch and make it. Once you have made that pizza, is that not considered manifestation???


On the other side of it, if we really are so powerful, why aren’t we manifesting world peace? Why can’t we manifest equality, justice and love?

Radical Manifestation

I am going to suggest a RADICAL idea.

When was the last time you wanted something for someone else?

Perhaps a better life for a friend you know is struggling?

Why not badly want to manifest a way to feed all the hungry? How about working on manifesting world peace?

Since we are so powerful, and while we are at it, let’s get rid of crime, violence, and abuse.

All this makes me think of Jung’s collective unconscious. If we are all parts of a whole, and some parts are dysfunctional, what do you suppose happens to the rest of us?

This collective space has been programmed and requires so much unraveling. Not sure if I will see that happen during my life here. All I know is that I hope it happens.

Humanity needs ONE higher vision, we all need to be on the same page, otherwise we will never manifest heaven on earth.  Some spiritual teachers believe that we can do that by proxy…I beg to differ. If the cells of your body are fighting against one another, that body will eventually perish.

The Shadow

It is incredible that no matter what topic I try to tackle, it always leads me to the same answer. In all our seeking and searching, ultimately we all seek and search for one thing and one thing only, but we think we want other things. You may think that a car, a house or a partner is going to be your happiness. No one takes anything (or anyone) with them when they depart this plane. So why are we always in search of something, what is this wanting of the external world? Why are we so obsessed with manifesting, ascending and transcending?

That which we seek in all our seeking is: heaven.

That place we belonged to before we came to earth. Whether it is literal or metaphoric, I have no idea, I just know that it can and does exist and that is humanity’s biggest struggle. 

I’ll end this post with a few words a dear friend once said to me which seem so relevant within the context of this post:

 You can have all you ever want.

Just not all of it at the same time.


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