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Research on Creative Process

While researching my dissertation on the creative process, one of my observations was that without imagination there can be no creativity. Imagination is the playground of creativity and the playfield of transcendent experience. Without imagination, there is no accounting for creative experiences.

On Imagination

Imagination and the psyche are non-local. This means they cannot be located at a specific point in the physical body.  Humanity can never recreate the human psyche or the imagination.  It is impossible to construct something that is non-local which exists only in imagination. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the mystery of the imagination in real-time through hands-on painting.  I shall be painting in an improvised manner without previous preparation and will let each moment be my guide.  Robots cannot have non-local imagination as it exists in human beings. Since it is all previously programmed a robot is incapable of improvising in this way.

What the Experts say

I recently read an article by Kabir Helminski, in Tikkun Magazine entitled: The Spiritual challenge of AI, Trans-Humanism, and the Post-Human World.

Helminski writes that “we have lost touch of the idea of a human embedded in a divine nature” and replaced it with the human ego.  He further writes that trans-humanism is impacting our humanness not only on a physical level but also on the level of the soul. Human existence is on two levels the physical and the part we call consciousness.

The Heart

When we introduce transhumanism we are removing the perception of the heart and soul from human experience and so it becomes that instead of making robots human, we are making humans robots.

Humanity is more than Data

In any AI endeavor, it behooves us to think of humans as more than mere data. There is no denying that we all have an inner world that is not possible to recreate in a robot.  There are some things that are part of the numinous experience that cannot be produced by an algorithm. Such examples are imagination and beauty.


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