What Have we Done to Our Children?

In the book, I just wrote and self-published,  I concluded and insisted that we must teach our children will- power and self-mastery.  I suggested a few things that would help accomplish this such as delaying gratification, and sports. However, today, under the circumstances of the worldwide pandemic we face, I find myself asking, is this […]

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The Shadow of Circumcision

WARNING: This post is a bit graphic..so if you're not up for that swipe over to the next post...Circumcision is surely one of those horrible patriarchal programs that have impacted humanity’s sexuality under the guise of hygiene.  Well, let me rephrase that, circumcision may be beneficial when it is a choice. The Details...  Circumcision: the [...] Read More

The Real Yoga

How to do real yoga in a pandemic...in unpredictable situations like these, I do not think that we can really prepare for anything as much as we would like to. All we can do is try and do our best, be our best and work with what we got.  In dire times it is really [...] Read More

Robots and Imagination

      Research on Creative Process While researching my dissertation on the creative process, one of my observations was that without imagination there can be no creativity. Imagination is the playground of creativity and the playfield of transcendent experience. Without imagination, there is no accounting for creative experiences. On Imagination Imagination and the psyche […]

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Mandalas are Sigils

On Saturday July 6th, that was just last month, I led a two hour workshop at Science and Non Duality Conference in Orvieto Italy, entitled: Meditation & Mandalas. This workshop began with a gentle yoga practice followed by shamanic breath work, a presentation, meditation and concluding with participants actually making their own mandalas. Here is […]

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Panchamahabutas In Ancient Roccamassima.

    The most recent trip I took to Roccamassima left me feeling like I had travelled back in time. Believe me, that was not my intention as there was a ton of inner work to sort through that began to emerge as soon as I set foot there. Amidst the self- reflection,  I found […]

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My first retreat was a Disaster!

  My first retreat was a disaster…No a catastrophe…In fact the more I sat with this, the more I realized that it was the biggest success! It actually was the best learning experience that I totally needed to have. The nature of retreats right?  You know that saying: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong? […]

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mountain yoni,4'x4', unframed, $5000

Sex in the 21st Century

  The conversation usually goes something like this:   Them: You are writing a book? Me: Yes Them: Wonderful, what about ? Me: Sex Oh! Wow! (eyes widen, big smile happens),what about sex? This is not what you are thinking…I begin to explain,  I am not a sex therapist, I am an artist. I am […]

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The Origins of ArtKeyTypes

*image source : Pinterest Origins I have been feeling like sharing a little in depth about the origin of ArtKeyTypes and where the format and idea came from as I have had several people asking for a little more information on what this is all about. Most of us yogis and yoginis who have been […]

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Womb Awakening , unframed, 3'x2' $750

A Journey Into My Womb. The Myth of Menopause

Lucid Dreaming In April 2017, I had a lucid dream, surely not the first time I have one of those. It was the first time I had journeyed into my womb. I was on a silent retreat with Aisha Salem in the Valencia area in Spain.  This dream felt like real life and as I […]

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