Thank you again! You are a wonderful guide, healer, and beautiful soul. ~ UR, January, 2024


“I tried Suzy’s class on Monday and loved it. Suzy does a great job. I did not feel overwhelmed even though it has been at least six months since I did any yoga. I wanted to thank u for hiring her and let u know how helpful the style of her class was.”~ Sherry, September 2023


Dr. Adra created and maintained a supportive container for my journey of emotional release, using her expert knowledge and intuitive wisdom. When I struggled to give voice to something I was feeling, Suzy helped me gain the confidence of self-expression. She was very thorough with the process and took great care to ensure that nothing was left unresolved. I feel the heaviness I was carrying transformed and a new sense of self integrated into my psyche.  ~ Steph, B. April, 2022



I was amazed at how Suzy got to the heart of the issue in a matter of seconds and helped me clear it. I love working with people that are quick and get right to it rather than dragging things out. If you want lightning speed help, Suzy is your person! ~GIGI AZMY, August 2021

I’ve received a series of sessions from Suzy over the course of two years and each one of them has opened up a door way deeper into my healing journey. I’m incredibly grateful for the way she holds space as it has allowed me to shift in ways that felt like a curve ball. I particularly have expanded so much from her womb clearings and would recommend her to women that are looking to deeply connect with their power centers and ability to create from this place within! ~ CELENA DE LUNA, April, 2019


I don’t know if you remember me, we met at root wire, last summer and you helped me with some demons. I may have thanked you already (life is a whirlwind, even still-I think you deserve more thanks), but THANK YOU. You really helped set me straight.  I stopped a lot of destructive behavior and MOVED ON with my life, and your words were the key to that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I hope your days are beautiful, and full of that special golden-hour sunlight. ~ARIANE GUTHIER, March 2019


It’s challenging to find an amazing and experienced art teacher in Ann Arbor. Suzy has a degree in fine arts. If you are looking to try something new or improve your art skills, Suzy would be the person to reach out! Suzy can teach all age groups. She has such great ideas and is a wonderful artist! Suzy is also a certified yoga teacher and has taught kids yoga, mandala & meditation classes at Peachy Fitness in Ann Arbor! ~ ZAINI L, March 2019


I had a wonderful experience with the yoga course. Suzy has a way of calming and releasing any tensions in the body while bringing awareness through breath and movement. She is an alchemist of energy. ~ KAT G. March 2019


I’ve spend 30 years in Silicon Valley California and over the years have greatly enjoyed Suzy’s visiting sessions. I’ve found the sessions to be intense … and at the same time, effortless ! I’ve always came away greatly refreshed. This year ? My girlfriend and I both, had the opportunity to travel through a group session … again lead by Suzy. Thank you, and hope to see you again in the future ! ~ GREG FLOYD, March 2019


An hour-long treat. I was able to move some stuck energy in my body, get a good yoga experience. With breathing and movement combined an excellent class.~ AZALEA STOTT, March 2019


Felt very safe with Suzy.~ DEBRA, 2019


I loved the wisdom provided with moving both into and out of all poses during  yoga session. The flow and diction were flawless and allowed me to dive deep into each position. ~ CHAYILAH OLDHAM, March 2019


Great flow, peaceful, and fantastic conversations that followed!! An overall wonderful experience. Highly recommend! ~ DANIEL OLDHAM, March 2019


The yoga class was welcoming & focused. Suzy, the instructor, offered alternative positions for injuries, but encouraged participants to push themselves. Excellent yoga session for beginners to advanced-level students. ~ ELAINE, March 2019


“I’ve been a Breather for the last 5 years. My Breathe experience usually consists of rigging, slacking, and teaching slacklining. Each year I find a workshop that brings me out of my comfort zone, and into some new, uncharted place, this year it was Breathwork. I’ve never practiced Breathwork before Suzy’s class. I sat in the tent with no idea what I was about to experience. I thought of a passive breathing exercise, or a mindful breathing practice, but no this was work! The instructions were simple. Breathe twice in through the mouth and once out through the mouth. With these simple instructions, together with Suzy’s reassurance that what we will soon be feeling is a natural part of the work, I reached a state of intense boundary disillusion. Two breaths in, one breath out, two breaths in one breath out, soon the tip of my nose started to tingle. The feeling then spread throughout my whole body, I was vibrating, intensely. I held my breath and then started to melt away from my body, my thoughts, and my world. I was astounded to think a person can reach such a state from air. It was shamanic. I found a vast new inner space to explore.” ~ Anonymous Slack Liner at Breathe a Slackline Festival, July 2018


“I  felt the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique helpful in digging deeper into the issue that I was dealing with. After every session a deeper layer of the emotional constellation was revealed and I was able to feel it and give space to it in order to heal it. Thank you so much for helping me in the process, Suzy!” ~ Sat Darshan La Fontaine March, 2018


“Dearest Suzy, you came into our lives, listened to our challenges, without judgement, but rather with love, compassion and understanding. You then offered me the gift of self-Healing, by helping me unblock and release stagnant negative energy that was dragging me down and fogging my path. Being a teacher myself, I have encountered many talented souls, yours being one that allowed me to clear my vision, tap into deep rooted hidden emotions that were depleting me, tap into the truth, and set my essence free. I’m back again, stronger than ever, and extremely grateful to you!
That energy you unleashed was contagious to my husband permitting him to release his own blockages and open up. I don’t believe you realize the impact you have had on our lives, and we both wish you a very content and prosperous future filled with love, good health, and joy. Lots of love.”  ~  Kinda Barazi, February, 2018


“I’ve been fortunate to practice yoga with Suzy both privately and in group classes and she is one of the best yoga teacher’s I’ve ever had. She really embodies breath work in her practice and by studying with her, I’ve learned how to really move from my breath for the first time. It’s remarkable how transformational yoga practice can be when it’s deeply integrated with the breath and Suzy models this. She is always present as a teacher and her presence challenges me to show up and completely dedicate myself to the time we share together. Her own dedication to her practice is humbling and inspiring. She is responsive to my requests and she is highly sensitive, so she is able to tune in to my specific needs during any given lesson. I also appreciate her wide range in terms of pace – she knows how to really make me sweat and also how to help me deeply relax. She teaches with grace and confidence, she holds a powerful sacred space and she also has a great sense of humor.”   ~ Lucia Comnes, yoga student, fiddler/singer/songwriter, business manager, December, 2017