The Shadow of Circumcision

WARNING: This post is a bit if you’re not up for that swipe over to the next post…Circumcision is surely one of those horrible patriarchal programs that have impacted humanity’s sexuality under the guise of hygiene.  Well, let me rephrase that, circumcision may be beneficial when it is a choice.

The Details… 

Circumcision: the removal of the foreskin from the human penis. The foreskin is cut open and separated from the glans. Finally, the foreskin is completely removed.

The medical reasons behind circumcision are said to be: it prevents urinary tract infections, penile cancer, phimosis, and sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

God’s Covenant

Islam and Judaism still practice circumcision. It is because it is considered a covenant with God.  A most ancient tradition carried on since the times of Abraham. Tradition, or ‘sunna’ by definition does not mean compulsory, it means that if one wishes to follow in the footsteps of the prophets then this would be a prescription.


Having been raised Muslim myself, I have accepted this as a given for most of my life.  After publishing my recent book I had a sad conversation with a young man about this. Historically and to this day, circumcision has been performed on newborn boys. Why do we seem to think that newborns do not remember a trauma like this?

The Right to Choose  

The conversation with this young man revealed to me that he actually remembers being circumcised as a newborn. Perhaps not all babies have this level of recollection. As a trauma release practitioner, I am certain that there will be a residue of this trauma in the psyche for many years or a lifetime.

What a terrible, terrible thing to have to go through and live with!

Some countries still do this to girls as well. That’s another can of worms…

The Power of Choice  

I am not saying we need to banish the practice.  I am saying let us give the power back to each person.


In light of the recent pandemic, this seems to be next to impossible. Especially when there is talk of a vaccine that will be mandatory for every single human being!

In my Book

I did not bring up this discussion in my recent book as I really wanted to give a brief idea of the patriarchal influences.  One can write volumes about the many ways the patriarchy has impacted our lives today.

In my book I gave the example of programs around female virginity but, really, if we were to look close enough we will find examples of patriarchal programs everywhere.

 The Shadow

There is some research that indicates that circumcision can reduce sexual sensation, which begs the question: what is the shadow of circumcision?

I will not rule out sociopathy, and psychopathy…

Let us leave out further possible answers so the reader can sit with this…

Perhaps also do some healing work around it.

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