We read about the underworld in most ancient mythologies.  In most such mythologies, it is the place where souls go after death.  This place recently appeared in my dreamtime. Well, I didn’t actually see the underworld, I did see the gateway that leads to that space.

What I do recall from this dream is that the underworld is seeking a surrogate mother to have its offspring.  As I sat with the meaning of what this could possibly mean I realized it is more of a bigger picture dream.

Maybe the underworld is not the place where dead souls go, maybe the underworld is the earth’s womb? Maybe she is just regenerating.  Purging. Starting all over again.  Just like many of us.

We can see it everywhere.  Several prophecies have told of these days to come and seeing this post by Banksy on twitter last night brought everything home.   I am not sure what is required of us? Perhaps nothing?  I do not say this without empathy.  How do you stop a hurricane, really? There is something there that is requiring us to surrender.  Surrender we must. Surrender and trust.

As we surrender, let’s stay grounded, remember our roots, and reach them deep into the core of this earth in any way we can. She supports us, why not support her?

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