In the book, I just wrote and self-published,  I concluded and insisted that we must teach our children will- power and self-mastery.  I suggested a few things that would help accomplish this such as delaying gratification, and sports. However, today, under the circumstances of the worldwide pandemic we face, I find myself asking, is this going to be enough for our survival? I think there is more that we need to pay attention to, and it’s called: isolation.

The brainwashing, the consumerism, the narcissism, the aggression, hostility, bullying, the abuse that is handed from one child and teenager to the next, nothing has value, everything is disposable ~ even a human being, circumcision, vaccines that we inject yearly in them as soon as they are born… and let’s not forget the sex trafficking circle that we keep hearing about… what are we doing? Are we trying to eradicate humanity off the surface of this earth?  Because if we are, then we are succeeding.

As it looks like, we not only need an urgent return to mastery of desires and momentary gratifications, what is needed is a return to what really truly matters. Our humanity. Our need for society and community.


I have seen it all in this country. ALL of it. And I am tired. I am tired on behalf of all the mothers, who stay up all night with their baby who’s screaming from the shots they just received and the colic that ensues as a result…I am tired on behalf of all the fathers who slave away morning and evening to spend an entire salary on some video game that’s collecting dust in a basement…I am tired on behalf of the mothers who gave up their careers to stay at home and make their children’s life as comfortable as possible… I am tired on behalf of the father who lost his child to cancer because the health system is messed up…I am tired on behalf of the mother who lost her teen to drugs or suicide…I am tired on behalf of the fathers who never get to spend time with their children, the fathers who have yet to take one single vacation with them somewhere…


And now with this pandemic, we have isolation on top of isolation…

Not everyone is strong enough to survive this culture of isolation. This lack of human connection is going to be the demise of us if we do not look for ways to change it.

We have to look out for one another. There is no other way.

And yet, here we are, still avoiding each other because ‘six feet apart’…oh gosh ‘the masks’ and ‘quarantine’… I am not saying we need to take these things lightly, I am saying we need to work around them and still find ways to connect.

If I had to choose one lesson that I deeply learned during this pandemic it would be: connection.  I mean I have always sensed this being here in America, but I think 2020 has really taken disconnection to another level.  It makes me sad. So sad that on some days I feel like giving up too. So can we blame our children if they do give up?

I am an introvert at heart, so much so that I always say if I ever get married again, he and I will have our own separate rooms and bathrooms.  I am not joking about that one!  I am an introvert but that does not mean I do not care about others, that I do not want connection, friendship, and real human interaction.  I have been reaching out to people throughout this year. Asking how they have been. Showing that I am here. Especially reaching out to my children. When a day goes by and I do not hear from them I check-in. Just to say hi.

Making time for those you care about is not “attachment” as some may label it.

The youth are going through so much trauma right now and we need to hold space for their process and make and provide safe spaces for them.  We can do this by showing them the beauty we see each day. No matter how insignificant that maybe. A bird on a branch, the sunshine reflecting on their face, the preciousness of life itself.  We have to let them know and make them feel that we are here for them no matter what, that they are not here alone.

We have to become their best friends.





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