Yoga Teacher Training ~ Online



This is a trauma-informed training


Student Testimonials from the training in October 2020:

My daughter expressed an interest in becoming a yoga teacher and I had been saying for years that I wanted to do yoga.  I had attended the Journey Into the Womb retreat in January 2019 with Suzy and fortunately, an opportunity arose for us to take a yoga teacher training with her.  Suzy’s teaching provided a comprehensive approach including the historical perspective, five archetypal elements, mudras, and mantras to name a few.  Suzy also utilized art, dancing, and painting to extend and deepen the experience.  -Keila K.

Yoga leads to the union of Individual Consciousness with that of the Universal Consciousness so that involving the mind and body. As I was wanting to personally reach deeper into the world of yoga; to work on making my energy align from within and help in growing my outer space. If you want to feel at ease and look from within Suzy’s training is definitely for you! From concentration, Pranayama (breathwork), Asanas (poses), painting, and even dancing. Overall a very fun class!  ~ B.K.

Payment Details

The current investment for all 15 modules is $ 2000  a mere $133.33 per module!

An initial $333.33  to hold our spot.  Full payment required before training begins.

Refund Policy: If you miss modules you can always make them up during the next certification round for a 50% discount.

No payment plans are available unless you want to attend a few modules and are not committing to becoming a certified yoga instructor.

You will need to do a 30 min zoom interview before registration. Please schedule one with me through the sidebar (this is only for those registering for the entire training). For additional questions please mention in the subject: your name and yoga teacher training.



All Classes are Synchronous~ you will have the lead trainer guiding you at all times

The focus throughout the training is on panchamahabhutas or the five archetypal elements: air, water, fire, earth, and ether from a Tantrik approach. The creative process is weaved through the syllabus so we will be making art, dancing, and painting.
We meet Saturdays & Sundays and each module is day-long: 8 am- 4 pm.

Panchamahabutas (five archetypal elements) Informed Yoga

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2:  Panchamahabutas
Module 3: Tantra Philosophy
Module 4: Techniques for Teaching Five Elements Based Practice
Module 5: Introduction to Kundalini Energy
Module 6: The How to’s of Meditation and Visualization
Module 7: In-Depth: Panchamahabhutas
Module 8: Embodying the five elements in asana practice
Module 9: Working with Energy: The Vayus~ Meditation and Breathwork
Module 10: In-Depth Kundalini Study
 Module 11: Anatomy and Physiology
Module 12: Teaching Methodology
Module 13: Pendulation and Titration
Module 14: Practicum
Module 15: Marketing & Spanda Experience